Haian Hengfa

This project involved the design, construction and operation of a municipal wastewater treatment facility, with a combined wastewater treatment capacity of 40,000 tons per day.

Project Location Haian County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
Project Company Haian Hengfa
Wastewater Treatment Type Municipal wastewater
Total Investment Amount
up to 31 May 2014
Approximately HK$21.8 million (Phase I)
Approximately HK$42.0 million (Phase II)
Approximately HK$4.3 million (Upgrade works commenced in March 2014)
Initial Commencement
Date of Concession Period
Phase I: 18 December 2002
Phase II: 26 November 2013(1)
Highlights This was our first wastewater treatment project

(1) Construction of the Phase II of the Haian Hengfa Facility was completed in October 2009.

Treatment of municipal wastewater

The Haian Hengfa Facility currently only treats municipal wastewater discharged from Haian County. Municipal wastewater typically contains high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus as well as suspended solids and other organic compounds. Consequently, the treatment process at the Haian Hengfa Facility is designed to optimise the exposure of wastewater to microorganisms. The process generally consists of three stages whereby wastewater is pre-treated, subjected to biological reactions and then disinfected.