We aim to enhance shareholder value by strengthening our market position and strategically growing our business in the environmental industry. The strategies that we have adopted to achieve this goal include the following:

Other environmental protection projects

We see a huge prospect in other markets, including Indonesia. The Group is proactive in striving for further diversity in the environmental protection businesses that are in line with the corporate value and direction of ELL Environmental. We plan to seek strategic acquisition, joint venture establishment and business partnership of other environmental protection projects in China and overseas (including Indonesia) so as to seize the opportunities.

Upgrade our existing wastewater treatment facilities

We will continue to upgrade our facilities in order to meet the PRC government’s new environmental policies and this will further enhance our competitiveness in the regions where we are already operating and improve our chances of securing future wastewater treatment projects.

New environmental protection projects

We plan to obtain new environmental protection projects by leveraging our previous excellent track record and good relationships with the local governments to consolidate the position in the market and thereby steadily expand our business.